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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From High School to High Seas

In this very short article, I would like to feature our fellow batch mate, Marlon Villarente Guaves.

I would like to first apologize to Mr. Marlon G. because I am unable to fish out in my memory specific high school memoirs about him. Naggugurang na talaga ako! The only thing I could remember about Marlon is that he is a simple guy who mixed well with his classmates and friends.

It appears that Marlon is a skipper in a brand new Liquified Petroleum transport vessel named Leonora Kosan.

We are all proud of you, Marlon.

Sail on, skipper!


Anonymous Marlon said...

Thank you for featuring me in this article. Dae ko ini-expect na maipi-feature mo ako digdi. It is trying times for us in the High Seas, what with the "Somalian Pirates" in our midst. But then, the Ateneo spirit lives on..and we keep the faith wherever we go..Salamat giraray, Ivan.Tho late pls accept my warmest greetings! You have a knack for writing...Keep it up!

Present Master ( Capt )
Lpg Carrier Isabella Kosan

8:32 AM  

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