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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memories of the Cony car

Written by Teody Laquindanum

If I am not mistaken, I believe that my late father-in-law owned the last running Cony car in Naga city. My in-law owned a red Cony until it was sold in the early 1990’s for the amount of P15,000. I heard that the buyer was only interested with its engine which he wanted to use in his farm.

My personal memories of my in-law’s Cony car dates back to the beginning of my elementary days when I used to get free rides in it. The Bonifacio family used to be our neighbors at Bulusan street near the Civic Center and NBI building. The late Jabords also lived in the same street near our house. Mr. Bonifacio allowed me to ride his Cony car whenever he brings his children, William and Beth, to their respective schools. William Bonifacio was my classmate at Naga Parochial School while Beth attended school at Colegio De Santa Isabel. A decade after those free rides at Mr. Bonifacio’s Cony car, Beth and I decided to get married and we have been married now for 23 years.

I also remember when I was in 5th grade, my older brother and I would help Beth’s older brothers push the Cony car stealthily out of their garage at night while their parents were asleep. We would only start the car’s engine after we had pushed it to a distance that is safe enough not to awaken Beth’s parents. All of us would spend the evening joy riding around Naga. During the ride, we would pick up friends of Beth’s brothers and one of their friends were the famous Guadalupe sisters (Garry’s siblings) that lived along Dayangdang street. We would continually pick up friends until the small Cony car is packed with Atenistas and Colegialas. Those memorable rides made me realize that I need to become an Atenean so that I can have the privilege of also enjoying the company of beautiful Colegialas.

Even after Beth and I were already married, I was not immediately permitted to drive the red Cony car. My father-in-law finally gave me his permission to drive the Cony when I brought home Beth with our first child fresh from the nursery of the old Mother Seton Hospital in Panganiban Drive.

I remember that the Cony car's stick shift (kambiyo) is at the right-side of the dashboard besides the signal light lever and the gear goes only up to the 3rd . Sayang, if I had the money I would have bought it myself. My monthly salary then was P1,120.00 and it would have taken me more than a year to pay it off.

I will post its pictures on my next e-mail once I get hold of them.

Mighty 80, 30th year graduation anniversary na baga!

Written by Gerard Zantua

The Cony was also the major mode of transportation that plied the Centro-Concepcion route. It even passed through Mayon Avenue then entered Naga City subd up to Jose Rizal Elem school, passed through the provincial hospital road then cruised to the diversion road (sa may nyog) and all the way to Coca cola plant. We were fond of riding the yellow Cony driven by Mang Ter with an adult fare of 10 centavos and child fare of 5 centavos (libre pag kulkul). I really don't know that the demise of Cony was due to its obsolesence or the retirement of Mang Ter or the emergence of Pinoy (not spelled as P-Noy nor PenoyP).

Written by Ricky "Guitarman" Sadiosa

Iyu daw ano? haha pero nagirumduman ko kaidto na puro kariela lang ang sakay ko ta mayung biyahe ining Cony pabagumbayan sur or norte. pero kalesa igwa asin P0.10 lang pamasahe haha.. sana ibalik ining Cony ta daug pa kaini maski mga minicab sa Naga sa patiripidan sa gasolina... hay maray pa kadto ta simple lang ang buhay haha pwede pang magkakan nin banana Q sa kalesa... Si Perdon palan nagirumduman nindo?!?!?!

restoring an old cony seems a cool thing to do for our 30th! why not?!?sain daw sa naga igwa pang nakapreserved na cony?

Written by Cezar Bagadion

pinkamaurag na baduya baga ang luto ng Perdon sisters.... igwa man kami kaidto ning duwang Cony pero by the time grade two or three na ako garo pigbabakal mi na. Nahulog pa ngani ako sa samuyang Cony habang nagaandar pasiring Parochial. It was the late Ms Mia Espinas (?) who helped me and brought me to the clinic. hehehe...those were the days....

Written By Edong Rendor

We are from Oas, Albay but my Dad bought 1 unit of Cony from Naga City and it was a fun car. It used to run on mixed fuel of gasoline and motor oil kasi 1 cylinder cycle lang ata ang makina.Guys, why dont we look for one unit and have it restored . Its an ICON of Naga City , just like the TAS tricycles of Tabaco City, yung parang motorized bicycle na may side car. WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS? We will celebrate our 30th year, GIMIKAN natin ulit silang lahat sa December with a restored CONY....Yung amin na CONY pinabakal na sa bakal bote at dyaryo, matagal na kasi binaha.


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