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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let us play basketball!

Dear Batch mates,

We are inviting all available batch mates to join our Mighty 80 basketball team to add to our current line up of veteran players. Having more members in our team would enable our main players to have enough rest during games. Our strategy is to tire out our opponents because they do not have enough reserve players available on their bench.

This strategy proved very effective when our team bagged our first victory over batch 85 with a final score of 49-44.

During the game, we lost 9 points in the first quarter and 6 points during the second quarter. On the third quarter we managed to outscore them by 1 point. The forth quarter battle was more intense but with our team’s strong teamwork and fancy ball play , our opponents defense crumbled. With our opponents having only limited number of players on their side, they easily run out of steam and eventually lost.

We are the most senior batch that joined the basketball tournament. Though our players had very little time to practice for the tournament and our opponents belonged to the younger batches, these factors never became a hindrance to our “team flanax”.

Aside from our supply of gatorade and power drinks, Larks also made sure that a supply of Omega Pain killer is always available to soothe one's aching muscles.

With our early victory, we look forward for more exciting games ahead.

Dean Macandog
Batch President.


Anonymous Julio v. badiong, jr. said...

Batchmates, i would love to play for the sure i will be able to find time amid my very busy sked here in Manila....hope to be able to play there ASAP...

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would love to play in the team with you sure i would be able to find time soon enough to be able to come home to Naga one of these days....medyo abala kayang marhay ngonyan with work and with my family especially now that we are looking for a boarding house for my two sons who will be studying in San Beda and UST....

-jun badiong LG-17

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK ako diyan, Onyok,I WILL RESCHEDULE THE COMPLETION OF MY SKYWAY PROJECT IN ALABANG ..... lets reinforce our aging batchmate.... parang mga imports from Manila.... KAYA LANG, PRACTICE MUNA KITA. MEDYO DAI NA MINAABOT ANG MGA 3 POINTS KO SA RING....

Nestor Docot (LG-18)

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK ako diyan, Onyok... I WILL RESCHEDULE THE COMPLETION OF MY SKYWAY-ALABANG PROJECT.... Lets reinforce our aging batchmates...
parang mga imports from Manila...
KAYA LANG, LETS PRACTICE FIRST. Medyo kinakapos na ang mga 3-POINTS ko.
Dai na mina abot sa ring...

Nestor Docot - LG18

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cge I will start to practice also here in Africa to reinforce the our batch,see you soon.

Adam H. Halanes LG-18

9:50 AM  

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