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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Krazy Kangkong

After church this morning, my family and I drove to the Filipino supermarket to buy our food supply for the week. I was looking forward to buying one of my favorite vegetable, "Kangkong" (Ipomoea acuatica), a.k.a. river/water spinach. When I got to the vegetable section of the supermarket, I was surprised to discover the price of kangkong--$3.99 per pound! WHAT?! That's almost the same price as a pound of beef at a regular supermarket. How could a well known plant that some considers as a "poor man's food" be so expensive? This is ridiculous! 

I decided to buy a pound of Kangkong and when we got home, I placed it in a bowl of water. I plan to place each Kangkong cutting in a glass of water and hopefully roots will sprout on each cutting. This will be a good addition to my vegetable garden. Hopefully it works.

Ginisang kangkong, anyone? 


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