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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The last run of Blake

When my daughter was still in junior high school, she had a classmate name Blake. The young lad was a talented sprinter who could outrun anybody in his school. He ran like the wind and is able to finish a mile run in record time.  In spite of the pressures in high school to be cool and popular, Blake just kept himself real and treated everybody the way they should be treated, with respect.

Yesterday, Blake woke up about mid-morning and decided to just relax because there was no school the whole week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. He had a light breakfast and decided to play some computer game. While playing, he felt that something was not right with him. He took a quick shower thinking that it should energize him. While in the shower, Blake had a heart attack. His father had to break down the bathroom door to get him. His family called 911 and took Blake to the nearest Kaizer hospital. After cardiologists did all their tests, they sadly concluded that Blake was not going to make it.

All of Blake’s family were gathered around his hospital bed when they turn off the life support. Blake left peacefully without any pain.

My daughter and I attended a simple candle light memorial held at the school’s track and field.  Blake’s father spoke about his son.  He said that his family does not know how they will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving day. The only thing that they were thankful for is the short time that they were given by the Lord to be with their son Blake.

Blake was only 15 years old. 

All the students and their parents did a last walk around the track and some ran making it their final sprint in memory of Blake.

All of us will have our last run around the track. Do you know which turn will be your last? Make every stride count and do it for the service of our Lord and our fellow souls. 


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