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Monday, November 30, 2009

Presidential candidate Ricky Sadiosa. A chance for a Change!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! I finally filed my presidential bid last Monday, November 23, 2009 at the COMELEC at the Palacio del Gobernador in Manila.

Mga padi, I will need all your votes and support! My quest for the top seat of the land is a personal crusade. I will unceasingly seek the chief executive post of the Philippines until there is a free exercise of our right to suffrage. Having a free and honest election will make our 90 million poor kababayans understand the value of electing a sincere and dedicated public servant. An honest and efficient public leader can immensely uplift the status or condition of the current society and also bring opportunities to the next generation of Filipinos.

My crusade centers on the key leadership areas which are: Accountability, Transparency, Honesty and Leadership by example. It is my belief that the best way for my crusade to attain its goals is for me to join the 2010 Philippine presidential race.

The initial response to my presidential bid had been encouraging because I have received hundreds of text messages and emails from our fellow Filipinos. The messages that I received were so numerous that it clogged my cellular phone and email address. I viewed the avalanche of messages both as a welcoming sign and also as a pressure point of my bid for public office.

Before filing, the media from all over the country had a feast of interviewing me for almost an hour. (Other presidential hopefuls who filed on the same day only had a 10 to 15 minutes media exposure). I was the only one who filed that day that had a presidential agenda that was typewritten and had available copies for the media. Media questions were varied and they covered the areas of economy, religion, education, employment and entertainment.

The most rewarding experience I had after meeting with the media and COMELEC personnel was when the soldiers and policemen guarding the COMELEC approached me. Two of them introduced themselves to me and gave me their ranks. They told me that they are very thankful that civil servants, whom they are a part of, are on top of my presidential agenda. They offered to be my personal bodyguards free of charge during the official campaign period from February until April 2010! Nakakataba ng puso kasi they did not know me personally until that day. They said that they are already sick and tired of well connected and rich politicians. They are seeking a reliable, honest, and serious candidate whom they can rely on as civil servant. They told me, "Sir, sawa na kami sa mga politikong may malalaking pangalan at sikat. Sawa na rin kami sa kanilang promisong mapabuti ang bansa natin. Ang hinahanap namin ngayon ay 'yung hindi kilala, walang partido, hindi sikat at hindi mapera pero may totoong layunin na mapabuti man lang ang pagkain ng aming pamilya sa araw-araw. Sir, ikaw pa lang ang may agendang nakasulat. Alam namin na paninindigan mo ang mga ito kapag ikaw ay nanalo."

So, mga padi, the REAL issue sa eleksyon na ini mayung iba kundi ang Kapobrehan, Kaayusan (peace & order), Kawalan ng trabaho, Kurapsyon (KKKK). Without tackling these basics issues, we will never attain our desired change and give a better future to our country. Itaga natin sa bato, pag nanalo ang mga likes ng mga malalaking politikong tumatakbo ngayon, it will be another 6 years of extreme poverty and suffering to our 90 million already poor people. These big politicians will also devastate our country’s economy.

It is time to change our choice! Let our new choice change our country and give ourselves the prosperity that we all deserve! Kawawa na tayo kasi naiwanan na tayo nang ating mga kapitbansa.I say politics, as a science in the Philippines, is ineffective because we have a mix of corrupt politicians and condoning electorate (the media included).

This will be a long fight. Corruption was already in existence long before we were born. To rephrase a quote by a good poet, "Evil men triumphed because good men do not do anything about them".
Ateneans are basically good men and women. Let us put this trait into action!
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