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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Life Files

Years ago, I went to a historical library that housed different types of historical records that dates back to the 1700s. I found it interesting to just browse through records showing purchase receipts, public notices, passenger and shipping manifests, newspaper writings, arrest warrants, job wanted ads and advertisement of products that seemed quite ancient. I saw endless sheets of census records listing people’s names, address, number of children, type of work, origin, etc. Viewing old black and white pictures and analyzing the details of items in the photos creates a story in my mind of how people lived when the 19th century camera burned the image on its glass plates that served as a film negative.

I always find peace and solitude whenever I am inside a historical library, museum or artifacts warehouse. I would sometimes just walk through long rows of tall file racks or shelves containing delicate ancient documents that seemed to be waiting for curious minds to discover its contents.

During one of my reflective strolls inside a historical library, a thought came into my mind—“Supposing God set before you the life files of every human being that ever lived or is currently living on earth. These files contain all the words, deeds and thoughts that every person on earth uttered, performed, felt and conceived in his/her life. What would you do?”

I was stumped at first because the prospect of having such access to vast knowledge seemed perplexing even though I know it will never happen in my lifetime. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on the imaginative prospect of being able to open a file of any person on earth and discover this person’s true life. A few probing questions immediately knocked at the door of my heart seeking answers. These questions are:

Which files would you open first? Would you choose the files of people that you know? Or would they be from people whom you know but don’t know you?

Would you open up files of people that you love or people that you hate and despise?

Would you spend time reading word by word the files of your enemies and the people that unjustly hurt you?

Would you open up a life file with an intent of searching for something that interests you like a disturbing deed?

Do the lives of famous or controversial people fascinate you? Which files of these known people would you open? Eager to find out what really happened to Amelia Earhart? Do you want to see who really killed President John F. Kennedy? Is Jimmy Hoffa or Adolf Hitler still alive?

The choice on whose files you choose to open and your true intent of accessing that certain file(s) reflects the type of heart that you have. Don’t deceive yourself by claiming that your intent of knowing the contents of a certain file is borne out of your own innocent curiosity. Break through that personal curtain of deception and truly ascertain the true contents of your heart.

If you were allowed to only open ten files, which ones would you chose?

If you were allowed to only open four files, which ones would you select?

If you were allowed to only open one file, which one would it be?

Did you know that God allows us to open one file? Which file would that be? YOUR OWN FILE! Yes, you can open your file because you have the ability to know your historical thoughts and deeds. Your conscience can always present your true heart’s intent whenever you do a certain deed.

There are a lot of people who try to deceive themselves by ignoring their conscience that convicts them of their wayward thoughts and deeds. You can deceive people on your true intent but the truth will always mark on your file. This record is always available for you to read if you choose to honestly reflect about your inner self.

As I conclude my reflection on the choice of what file to open, I decided that I am only worthy of opening my own personal file. God is the only one worthy of opening the files of the souls that he created. I felt that humans were not given the supernatural ability by God to easily view the lives of other people because humans always have the tendency to impose harsh judgment on the imperfections of others.

Have you loved and cared for another file lately?

Minding my own file…


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