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Monday, September 21, 2009

September visits

The month of September had been blessed with batch meetings and activities.

A few weeks back, Edgar Genio and his lovely wife dropped by Los Angeles and met up with Toton Roque and Ronnie Arlante for lunch (or was it dinner? I could be wrong on this).

When I went to San Diego last September 7th, I was able to drop by Jerry Borja’s residence, which is near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Last September 18th, Noel Valenciano, Toton Roque, Jo Azcarraga and Jerry Borja met up in the City of San Diego and attended the Pena Francia celebration there. I am assuming that Ronnie Arlante attended the Los Angeles Pena Francia fiesta because his family is very involved in the planning and preparations of the LA fiesta. Gabby Del Puerto dropped by Los Angeles for a visit.

Mike Moll is currently 7,000 miles away. Mike is probably enjoying this very moment a grilled ‘malasugi’ sprinkled with calamansi accompanied by a pile of steaming fried rice and chopped ‘itlog na maalat’ mixed in diced tomatoes. To cool himself from the humid weather, a tall glass of ice cold buko juice stands within his reach. Time seems to tick slower from where he sits which is on top of a hill overlooking a dense forest in a very remote and forbidding place called……Tigaon.

LG-20 (Kikiks) members are brainstorming right now trying to scribble out a plan for our class sponsored activity scheduled on October 31st. According to Edgar Zantua, the KKK members are eyeing Avenue Square as a possible place where we can have the 4th quarter activity. This will all depend on the budget that we will have. Kung magkulang daa ang budget, tibaad sa “Avenue” na lang ang celebration. Of course we won’t allow that because masupog man sa ibang LGs.


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