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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The venom of vices

During our high school days, the consumption of cervezas had been accepted as part and parcel of our transition from boyhood days to manhood years. I remember that the beer and cigarette sales of Ateneo Avenue store was kept up by the appetite of Ateneans whose demand for alcohol and nicotine seemed unquenchable.

Some of us had experimented on drinking beer or puffing cigarettes during our elementary days. This created an addiction that blossomed into total dependency.

Manhood is sometimes determined by the number of beers you consume on a drinking session. "Bilog", "Cuatro kantos", "Stainless", "Lapad", "S.P. Special Puro" and "Lambanog" are just a few alcoholic drinks that are considered as a poor man's choice of drinks. May mga Atenista na nagchachaga na muna kang mga ini until they get their next allowance.

I feel that it is safe for me to claim that all of us have had the experience of being wasted by alcohol during a drinking session. Some intentionally overfilled themselves with alcohol in an attempt to drown life's sorrows and disappointments.

Twenty nine years after our high school graduation, we all now realize that addiction towards alcohol and cigarettes has grave consequences. Liver failure, cancer and heart ailments are just three ailments from a long list of health problems that can happen to a person that drinks and smokes.

My dear batch mates, the recent deaths of two of our batch mates should open our eyes to the reality that drinking alcohol and puffing those death sticks will bring us closer to our graves.
When I spoke over the phone to the spouse of our departed batch mate, Edwin Luntok, she asked me to tell our whole batch to avoid alcohol because that poison kills not only the person but the father of a family.

My fellow batch mates, let us continue our lives free from these two deadly vices that has claimed some of our batch mates.

Let us do this for our family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your gas station blog, you never get mentioned however, how you got to settle you gas bill? ü hehehe. garo bigla ka na lang naghali.

Seriously , reacting on your blog on vices like alchohol , cigarettes , it's really alarming how it affects one's life, maybe not yet when one is still on his or her
early adulthood years or younger but it would take its toll sooner or later.

Ironically, for most of us, by the time we get to realize that what our parents are saying about these vices are right, is also the time when we already have our
own teenage sons and daughters who thinks what we are saying about these same is wrong.

Mdyo nagugurang na talga kita padi ano? ü

Thanks for posting palan the Mla picture with the guitarman.....


8:27 PM  
Blogger Narratives of a Novice said...


I took the liberty of posting your email message sa "comment" section kang blog ta. I felt that comments gives blogs life.

Dai ako nakabakal ning gasolina that morning on my way to work ta idtong pesteng gasoline pump may raot ang credit card machine niya. Nag hali na lang ako ta tibaad ma-late pa ako sa trabaho. Actually, na-late ako ning pirang minuto.

It is just lately that I am beginning to feel old. I know a lot of our batch mates would disclaim that they feel the same way. The little aches and other physical discomforts that starts to pop out all over my body is just a sign that tells me that age is catching up on me. I need to take care of myself. I need to watch what I eat.

Whenever you could remember an old story or a recent incident that you think will be a good article in our blog, please email it to me. I would be more than happy to post it.


8:38 PM  

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