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Friday, August 21, 2009


I woke up this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Being an 8-hour sleeper, I felt that my body refused to respond to my command to get up and start the day. Doing my morning prayer is even harder because my mind is drawing a blank. I prayed to the Lord to guide me through the day with only half of my energy tank full.

I was about to drive out our driveway when I decided to check the oil level of my car. Pulling the dipstick, I discovered that the oil level is low. I filled it up then started the car. I saw the gas gauge and it showed that I was low on gas.

Heading to the office, I dropped by a cheap gas station and stopped in front of a gas pump. I opened my fuel tank cover then placed it on top of my car. I swiped my credit card on the gas pump and waited for instructions. The small monitor screen on the pump kept on saying “Processing Credit Card”. I waited….and waited…..Still processing. I impatiently looked at my watch and it was then that I know that I could potentially arrive late at work because of this delay. After what seemed to be an unreasonable period of time to process a credit card transaction, I then pressed the “Cancel” button on the gas pump. The transaction was cancelled and I jumped back to my car and drove off. I have driven about 15 meters from the gas station when I realized that I forgot to place back my gas tank cover. I pulled over and got out of the car and found out that the cup is no longer on top of my car. I got inside my car again and I tried to closed the door but the seat belt latch was on the way and it prevented the door from closing. UGH!

By that time I was beginning to become irate. I swung the car and drove back to the gas station to retrieve my gas tank cover. It was not there. I drove back to the road and found it laying on the side of the road. When I picked it up, I saw that it had been ran over by another car and part of it is crushed . UGH!

I checked my watch and I knew that I would be late for work. I then asked the Lord why this string of unfortunate events are occurring so early in the morning. When I arrived at work, my co-worker told me that bad things happen to people to make them stronger individuals. I guess I need to look at it on the positive side.

Should I start calling these events “String of Providential Events” because God allowed them to happen to strengthen our resolve to survive life?

I believe it is.


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