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Monday, August 31, 2009

Batch event sponsored by LG19

Boys of batch '80

As I parked my car in front of Triboo Grill last Saturday night, I heard something like a faint thunder at the north eastern part of the city. After parking, I asked the attendant to bring me to the Mighty 80 venue and he pointed his lips towards the 2nd floor and said, “Duman po”.

The place has an open veranda for the welcome drinks. Sosyal! I signed my name at 10 minutes past 7 PM after exchanging handshakes and kurumustahan. It started to become windy and lightning is brewing up at the direction of Mt. Isarog. We are in for a heavy rain tonight.

I thought to myself, “There are 13 attendees so far. How can we increase it?” Dean Macoy and the rest of LG-19 are a little bit anxious while they serve the first bucket of SanMig lights to us. We all agreed that the boys will come. Dean, being an ever optimistic guy firmly said: "They will come. Baka si iba, nag huhugas pa nin plato o nagbababad pa nin mga nilabhan. Maarabot yan!"
Empty bottles of beer began to pile up on our table. No new registrant yet. Well, time to set up my laptop and the LCD projector. Luckily, the venue has a wifi. I excused myself while I set up my laptop. After setting up my computer, I went back to the veranda and this time I was delighted to discover that the list of attendees went up to 16.

“Time to eat now!”, Macoy commanded. My gosh, gulpihon baga nin chibog! papano ta uubuson ini? And we started to line up to get our food. Motos, a huge guy, commanded: "single file!" Then slowly, as we ate, the boys did arrive one by one until the hall was almost full. The heavy rains fell that night but it didn't overcome the laughter and the singing voices of the Mighty'80 boys.

The party has began. And as if to highten more the spirit, Mike Moll appeared with a bang. Everybody was ecstatic especially those of us with balding heads. Did he came straight from the 70's or what? Garo baga hippie iniho. Ivan was online and so the list went up to 34 and a half.

Congrats LG-19!

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