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Monday, August 10, 2009

First appointments by presidential aspirant, Ricky S.

Philippine presidential aspirant, Ricky "Guitarman" Sadiosa, appoints Mighty 80 on July 27, 2009 meeting in Manila. This is the first batch of juicy cabinet and government appointment made in line with his anti-graft and corruption platform of government for his election bid for the year 2o1o.


Blogger Narratives of a Novice said...

Considering the revolutionary spirit ingrained in LG 20 (being Katipuneros no less)and all Mighty 80 batchmates, we must not wait for Ricky to run for president but let's seize power from Gloria RIGHT NOW! What do you think? He he he

P.S. Ricky and Raffy (and all other LG 20 Katipuneros) may kontribusyon na Ps. 500.- for our hosting of the Mighty 80 Batch get-together sometime late October 2009(we have been enjoying and savoring these for the past two quarters; the first one was hosted by LG 17 followed by LG 18; August 29 (?) will be LG 19's turn)


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