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Friday, April 24, 2009

The King Turns 59.

All of us fondly remembers the ‘King’ of the OPSA—Mr. Rustico “King” Pasilaban. During our high school years, I am sure we have had the misfortune of being given a demerit or suspension by Sir King. As adults, we now know that sir King was just doing his job as an assistant prefect of discipline of Ateneo De Naga.

Last Easter Sunday, King was told to go with some relatives to attend a children’s birthday party at Crown Hotel. When King arrived at crown hotel, he had the surprise of his life when he discovered that the party was actually for him. The surprise party was attended by more than 140 relatives and friends of sir King. During the party, a band played. The drummer and lead guitarist of the band were children of sir King. . Sir King’s eldest son, who works as a nurse in Southern California, sponsored the party.

Sir King is entering a new phase in his life. His five children are so proud to have him as their father. All his family and friends continue to pray for King’s triumph over his battle with lung cancer. As members of AdeN batch 1980, let us all pray for sir King’s eventual recovery.

Long live the “King”.

By the way, did you guys know that King Pasilaban belongs to AdeN high school batch 1967?


Blogger Unknown said...

It's March 2, 2010. How's King? Any updates, anyone?

8:27 AM  
Blogger Narratives of a Novice said...

My relatives in Naga told me yesterday that Mr. Pasilaban’s cancer is now on stage four. His life now rests in God’s hands. The doctors said that Mr. Pasilaban does not have a lot of time left in this world. I would like to ask all of you to pray for the healing of Mr. Pasilaban. I know that many of you might suggest that we pray for his family and love ones instead because the impending departure of Mr. Pasilaban is eminent. Let us all pray for a miracle.

The children of Mr. Pasilaban are always around him. His son who works as a nurse here in California flew back to the Philippines to be with his father. During this very difficult time, the only comfort that Mr. Pasilaban have in the midst of his physical pain is the sweet voices of his wife and children.

Let us pray

11:00 AM  

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