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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

AdeN high school 1980 family outing April 4, 2009 by Chods L.

The attendance at the AdeN High School 1980 family outing at Pena Francia Resort reached about 20 or 21 members. I was so happy that there were newcomers who attended and one of them is Dacky boy. Dac had been missing our gatherings for decades now. Our respective families had a good bonding too.

As to the next quarter's activity, the members of LG-18 will sponsor that quarter's activities. Dac offered the penthhouse of his newly opened Sampaguita Hotel located along the Bicol river for free. Basta daa magbayad kung siisay man ma shorttime afterwards.

We plan to have a twist in the next gathering: A free seminar with professional speakers who will talk about financial planning and retirement (I will be the one who will handle this topic). Jun Imperial will talk about the art of duping a bank for a loan. Dr. Amoranto will handle the delicate topic about how to cope with erectile dysfunction. A more serious topic such as disaster preparedness will be handled by Blenn. LG-18 will also provide batch t-shirts for every participant who will attend. I was given the task of raising 5,000 pesos from our class for this activity that is scheduled to be held on the first week of June.

During the batch family outing at Pena Francia resort, everybody had lots of fun. There were lots of Food and drinks. The main dish on the table was the good-for-the-health litson. The grinning face of the litson pig gave Abonal the idea of forming a funeral assistance fund so that we can use it to cover funeral expenses of members who are unable to afford a decent burial. He suggested that 100 peso be collected every month from each batchmate (and higher from those who would want to give more or "harbor" a batchmate who shall be having a hard time to raise the 1200 annual contribution). This suggestion elicited a heated debate among the members. The issue was settled when Mr. Abonal finally pledged 20,000 pesos as a starting fund. I hope Abonal still remembers his pledge after he becomes sober. Anyway, si Larks ay segurista--Pigsurat niya tulos si tuga na veinte mil ni Abonal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mga Oragon ...... Kumusta kamo diyan....

Baka sa Fiesta, makapuli ako... very busy kasi ang schedule

Docky Boy
LG - 18
Nestor Docot

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