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Monday, March 23, 2009

Message from Teody Laquindanum

March 19, 2009

Under the leadership of Dean Mckoy, the 2009 batch activities were drawn and divided among the four LGs of our batch. LG-17 will sponsor the first quarter, LG-18 will handle the second quarter and so forth.

The major activity of LG-17 shall be on the 4th of April and it will be a batch family day at the Penafrancia Resort. Before everybody heads up to Mount Isarog, we shall have a morning Mass at the Ateneo chapel in memory of our batch mates that had gone ahead of us to heaven. Incidentally, April 4th is also the anniversary death anniversary of Jabords.

LG-18 is planning to sponsor a Lenten recollection on Holy Wednesday. So, if you guys are in Naga during these dates, come and join us.

As for the Manila group who will meet tonight (March 20th, 2009), alalay lang sa SanMig lights and remember your arthritis and cholesterol level as you enjoy and have fun.

See you and God bless.

Chods Laquindanum


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